“When I met *Ayodele, his situation was dire.”

1 Dec, 2020

He was living in crowded, overpriced accommodation, working piece-meal jobs and struggling to meet his needs. He was facing homelessness.

With the help of our team at ASC, I connected Ayodele to a supportive local community in NSW who assisted him with a modest, regular job and a stable house. This home gave him an anchor. He built a small business, working for residents of the community and then established friends and a support network. 

A stable home allowed Ayodele to start to breathe, to focus on his physical and emotional wellbeing. He had somewhere to go to at night; somewhere to prepare himself, and walk out the door the next day to go to work.  It gave Ayodele a place to face the many uncertainties of his life, to hold hope as he waited out the years it took his application to finally be approved.

After five years, with many ups and downs, Ayodele and his family are now Australian citizens. The family continues to face challenges, particularly with Covid-19, but are holding hope. Ayodele is a welcome member of the community and has made new friends, his children are excelling at school. Community support continues to give Ayodele stability, a safe home.

Peter Waters, ASC Board Member and donor