"It's not just about survival..."

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Festive appeal 2022

With so many restrictions and delays, survival is a daily struggle for many.

The pathway to receiving protection in Australia is long and exhausting.

As people seeking asylum, Teyma and her family did everything the Government asked of them – filled out paperwork, found jobs and worked hard to keep their family safe and give their children an education and a sense of security.

When an email arrived, telling the family to book an appointment for a health check – a big step forward in the long journey to a permanent visa – they felt hope, but then shock.

“I think it is the final step…I was happy to get the email. Then I realised that you have to pay more than $3,000. It’s not even in our budget, it’s an amount not realisable.” – Teyma

There is no government support for this part of the process. Most people seeking asylum are barely able to meet the basic costs of living. This is an impossible amount to come up with.

Situations like Teyma’s are why the Asylum Seekers Centre exists. Every day, we speak with families in similar circumstances, who urgently need help to cope with the demands of a complex and difficult visa system.

Teyma's story

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Imagine waiting five long years for a sign that you can start to plan a future again. Imagine receiving an email indicating that things may be finally moving forward for you and your family. Then realising with shock that you cannot possibly afford to take this necessary step.

This is what happened to Teyma* and her family.

There were days when teachers told you your daughter doesn’t have enough food in her lunchbox. There were days that we are looking for jobs and there are no jobs … There was depression, anxiety, feeling rejected, feeling ignored, feeling down.


*Teyma and her family have chosen different names to remain anonymous.