“If ASC doesn’t help us we would be in the street”

1 Dec, 2020

Emna arrived in Australia from the Middle East at the end of 2019 seeking safety for her family. She is a single mum with a daughter and son in primary school. She applied for protection and she was given permission to work in the same month as COVID-19 lockdown hit Sydney.

Emna applies for jobs all week, first in her field of banking and now for any job she can find. Without work, Emna and her children have had to move three times since March to find accommodation they can afford. 

Paying cash and without a formal lease, landlords have refused to provide basic services such as hot water. When her hot water broke in her last home, she was told she would have to pay $1300 to have it repaired or go without. 

Each time she has moved, the children have been further from their school. And the family does not have a car. With the help of ASC, Emna now has safe, temporary accommodation.

“I try to help my children to be strong. I am young and I can support my kids. I will do anything to support them.”