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Without government income support, many people who are seeking asylum in Australia experience crisis situations and unstable housing situations. The ASC provides support and casework to assist some individuals and families. We will work with you to help reach your goals.

Our intensive support team may be able to help you by:

  • Connecting you to financial assistance, which may include short-term emergency support.
  • Providing information about tenant’s rights in New South Wales or helping you to negotiate with your landlord.
  • Casework support to help you find the services you need related to healthcare, mental health, employment and education.
  • Helping you to find support related to healthcare, mental health, employment or education.
  • Advocating for you or your family when dealing with other organisations.
  • Finding emergency housing.
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Please contact us if you need emergency support.

At first when I moved here I was totally alone. It was a difficult time, I had not enough money. Everything was new to me, I had no job, I had no study. I was tense, disappointed, wondering how can I pay rent, how can I survive by myself? Living in this house I think is giving us empowerment, inner peace.


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