A Feast Of Cultures: Celebrating Refugee Week at ASC

June 21, 2024

Winter was warm in the heart of Newtown where dozens of people from diverse backgrounds came together last night for the Asylum Seekers Centre’s (ASC) celebration of Refugee Week 2024, a dinner with the theme ‘Share A Meal, Share A Story’.

ASC’s main hall was transformed into a cosy restaurant where cultures intertwined through food, stories, and music. It was an evening where warmth radiated not just from the delicious meals, but from the genuine connections formed over families and shared experiences.

Culinary Journeys: Sharing More Than Meals

The culinary journey was guided by four remarkable women who lovingly prepared tandoori chicken, eggplant bhaja, roasted cauliflower potatoes, raita, pilafs, and deserts.

Each of the women shared stories with the crowd about what they had cooked, explaining how the dishes were more than sustenance, but also a narrative of their heritage and culture. With pride, they shared their recipes, inviting everyone to savour their culture on a plate.

Bridging Borders: Conversations and Music

More than fifty people supported by the ASC and other members of our community  gathered, filling the hall with animated conversations and laughter. Amid bites of delicious flavours, conversation starter cards prompted tales of favourite meals and cooking adventures, bridging diverse backgrounds through a universal language—food.

As twilight deepened, the feast transitioned to a musical affair. Spontaneity took the stage as various guests volunteered to sing and play instruments. Each note and each song wove another thread into the tapestry of shared experiences as well as shared dreams for the future.

Community and Compassion: The Heartbeat of Asylum Seekers Centre

Behind this feast of cultures is the tireless efforts of ASC’s Community Engagement team, orchestrating an event that transcended cultural boundaries to celebrate unity. It underscored the importance of solidarity with people seeking asylum, reminding us all of the strength and compassion found in community.

Events like these are not only gatherings; they are lifelines of support and solidarity for people navigating uncertain paths. The ASC continues to champion such initiatives, providing critical assistance and fostering a sense of belonging for people seeking safety without a safety net.

Joining Hands: Doubling the Impact

Until 30 June, every donation to the Asylum Seekers Centre is matched, doubling the impact of your contribution. Let us stand together, not just in celebration, but in commitment to creating a world where every story is heard, every meal shared, and every person seeking asylum finds hope and dignity.

DONATE now to double your impact.

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