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Let's see how we can make change together

The Asylum Seekers Centre offers a range of partnership opportunities for organisations that value a more welcoming country for people seeking asylum. We invite all innovative ideas for your organisations to be involved and give back to the community.

You can rally your teams by raising awareness and funds to tackle societal issues affecting people seeking asylum including:

  • food insecurity, by helping families access essential goods such as groceries, toiletries and baby items
  • housing insecurity, by helping people stay in safe stable housing and avoid homelessness
  • digital connectivity, by helping people stay connected with their loved ones, study, work, and telehealth
  • unemployment by offering your professional advice to job seekers.

You can sponsor an event, a program, offer a matching gift for our campaigns or share the proceeds of your sales. Please leave us your details and we will be in touch.

Sugu from Chuffed Skates donates a portion of profits from sales to the ASC. Image credit: @marmaladeslam
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Our Philanthropy & Partnerships team would love to hear from you about how we can work together with your organisation.


Some of our valuable partners

I am not only alive, I am looking forward to doing something with my life…
to helping my community and making my future here.


Teacher, disability worker, refugee

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