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Our managers

Working together to lead a great team

Frances Rush OAM


Headshot photo of Health Manager Leonie Agnew

Leonie Agnew

Health Manager

Headshot photo of Intensive Support Manager Danielle Bosley

Danielle Bosley

Intensive Support Manager

Headshot photo of Community engagement manager Nina Bullock

Nina Bullock

Community Engagement Manager

ASC Chief Financial Officer Tinnie Chiem

Tinnie Chiem

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot photo of Head of Services & Engagement Kristine De Guzman

Kristine De Guzman

Head of Services & Engagement

Headshot photo of Head of IT Patrick Lesslie

Patrick Lesslie

Head of IT

Headshot photo of Volunteer Program Manager Oscar Mussons

Oscar Mussons

Volunteer Program Manager

Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships Daria O'Neill

Daria O'Neill

Head of Philanthropy & Partnerships

Headshot photo of Employment Service Program Manager Alex Peters

Alex Peters

Employment Services Program Manager

Headshot photo of Head of Communications Danielle Townsend

Danielle Townsend

Head of Communications

ASC Head of People & Practice Andrea Watkins

Andrea Watkins

Head of People & Practice