Aaliyah’s Journey: Resilience and Hope

June 11, 2024

What would you do to help your family survive?

Seven years ago, Aaliyah* and her husband fled unimaginable dangers in their home country, seeking asylum and a chance at a safer life in Australia. Today, their journey continues, marked by hard work, love, and the unwavering desire to provide a bright future for their young son, Aaron*.

Surviving in a New Environment

Living in Australia has been a remarkable experience for Aaliyah and her family. She appreciates our country’s natural beauty, multicultural society, and the warm, welcoming nature of the people. However, as best as they try to thrive, their family is confronted with harsh battles just to survive – especially with the government once again slashing financial support for people seeking asylum in Australia.

Aaliyah and her husband continue to work tirelessly for their son, but they often face precarious jobs with fluctuating incomes. They juggle opposite shifts—Aaliyah in a factory at night and her husband during the day—ensuring that one of them is always there to care for Aaron. Their weekly earnings, averaging around $1000, are quickly consumed by rent, food, medicine, and other essentials, leaving little room for unforeseen expenses. Childcare, a critical need, costs $700 per week—far beyond their financial reach.

People like Aaliyah and her family are living without a safety net – no financial assistance, no childcare subsidy, and no housing support. In the current cost of living crisis, they could be plunged into destitution at any moment.

A Chance to Thrive with Asylum Seekers Centre

Walking through the doors of Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC) for the first time, Aaliyah felt relief,  “I had found a place that could offer support and assistance during a challenging time in my life.”

At the ASC, Aaliyah met Alison, one of our dedicated family support caseworkers. Alison listened to Aaliyah’s story and recognised her family’s struggles whilst living without a safety net.

“Alison, my exceptional case worker, provided me with guidance, support, and empathy as I navigated the challenges of rebuilding my life… Alison’s presence and assistance were instrumental in helping me access the resources and support I needed to move forward with hope and resilience.”, Aaliyah shares.

With compassion  and expertise, Alison empowered Aaliyah through ASC’s family wraparound service – including mental health care, employment assistance, social support, English lessons at TAFE, and a referral to a specialist legal service. Most critically, Alison helped her find subsidised childcare for Aaron. That small safety net was all Aaliyah and  her family needed to move from surviving in destitution towards thriving in hope.

Alison, ASC’s family support case worker

A Bright Future for Aaron

Aaron has now flourished in childcare, a place where he can socialise, learn, and grow. “I have noticed some wonderful changes in my son since he started going to daycare. His love for singing and dancing has really blossomed, and it’s delightful to see him express himself through music and movement,” Aaliyah beams with pride. The positive impact on Aaron’s development brings immense joy to Aaliyah and her husband, strengthening their bond as a family beginning to blossom in a new place.

A Call for Compassion

To the people of Australia, Aaliyah calls for understanding for people seeking asylum. “By working together, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society that upholds the values of dignity, equality, and solidarity for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

Aaliyah’s story is just one of many, and the ASC continues to provide vital frontline services to families like hers. Your tax-deductible donations can make a significant difference, ensuring that families like Aaliyah’s aren’t forced into destitution and can receive the support they need to go beyond surviving. This need is urgent.

Join us in standing up for people seeking safety without a safety net. Together, let’s ensure that the human rights of people seeking asylum in Australia are not overlooked and that we build a brighter, more inclusive future, for all.

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