Celebrating the contribution of Om Dhungel

January 19, 2023

We recognise the significant contribution of Om Dhungel to the Asylum Seekers Centre as a member of our community and as a volunteer Board member for four years. 

Om came to the ASC board in October 2017 with lived experience as a refugee. But over the four years he served as a director of the Board he gave the ASC much more than that.

Om challenged us to think about our individual clients in their communities, and how people seeking asylum, with the right assistance, have the will, courage, and skills to build a life for themselves and their families and to contribute to the community.

Board Chair, Peter Waters, paid tribute to Om, “He reminded us that while there is much despair about how people seeking asylum are treated by the government, that their stories are also of resilience and hope.

“While his time on our Board is at an end, we know that his work as an advocate for people seeking asylum and refugees, and more broadly for a more diverse community, is not at an end.” 

Om constantly shows us why Australia will be a better place with a more generous attitude towards those fleeing persecution and denial in their countries of origin.

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