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May 10, 2022

People seeking asylum know what it is like to have their lives change overnight. When they seek protection in a new country they leave behind their work, community, schools, friends and family. 

While their request for protection is considered by the government, often taking years, they receive no support or safety net from the Federal Government. Finding a job is the only way forward and the Asylum Seekers Centre is here to help.

Sabala’s story is one of great strength and courage.

Sabala* and her family are victims of religious persecution. The moment her husband Nabeel was knocked to the ground and left with cuts and bruises all over his body, Sabala knew that in order to keep her family safe they would have to leave the only country they’d ever known.

Sabala will tell you she did what any wife and mother would do, but their decision to flee
creates an entirely different set of problems.

Without a permanent visa, Sabala’s family live with great uncertainty about what the future will hold. We knew that helping Sabala find a job would be a critical step in bringing some much-needed stability to this young family’s lives.

We are already supporting over 4,156 people seeking asylum, many are just like Sabala
who had no choice but to flee for the sake of their lives.

You may not have had the privilege of meeting somebody who is seeking asylum, but we have and we know how powerful your donation can be.

Donate to support people like Sabala find work and rebuild their lives.

Help people seeking asylum find work and safety

Your support allows our employment team to do their important work. Thanks to you, our job advisors have assisted Sabala to focus on improving her skills and work readiness.

They taught me how to look for jobs and how to be ready for interviews.” – Sabala

The path to a full-time job can be a difficult one. People seeking asylum can face many barriers when searching for suitable employment. One of those barriers for Sabala was her English.

Through her initial assessment in our office it was clear that Sabala needed help with her
English. Sabala worked hard with our language teachers and continues to improve with an
online tutor.

As a result of her studies, Sabala now uses her newfound skills and a certificate three in childcare working part time at a childcare centre.

Why employers choose to employ people seeking asylum

Finding employers open to hiring people seeking asylum can be difficult and it’s why our
employment service needs your support to constantly find new opportunities.

Employers who choose to employ people seeking asylum make a big impact on the person and their organisation.

The person gains an income that allows them to build a life. The company sends a positive message to customers and suppliers that want to do business with brands making a social impact.

Some employers also find they are able to access new local and international markets via the connections they make with an employee who is seeking asylum.

“There is a benefit in having people in our branches that represent the communities in which they work. An employee in one of our branches has people queuing out the door to be served by him.”

— Senior Manager, Inclusion Programs, ANZ

Fresh perspectives can bring innovation to the workplace. And colleagues appreciate being part of something bigger than themselves in creating change.

Your donation has an impact well beyond the person who finds employment. Their new workplace, their colleagues and their family all feel the benefits of inclusion and welcome.

*Sabala and her family have chosen different names to remain anonymous.


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