Information for Job Seekers

Employment AssistanceHow we can help you

If you have been granted a Bridging Visa with relevant Work Rights and are available and able to work, the ASC Employment Assistance Service can help you.

To be eligible to join the employment program all job seekers must first be referred by their Case Worker. Once this is done you will need to attend an information session at the Centre which will provide you with useful information on working in Australia and the sorts of things that employers will expect from you. You will then be allocated to an ASC Job Advisor who will meet regularly with you to assist with finding work, study placements, volunteering roles etc.

Work Rights

Asylum Seekers can find more information about Bridging Visas and check their updated work rights status at www.immi.gov.au.

It is very important that you do not look for work if you do not have the relevant Work Rights as it is illegal to do so. The ASC Employment Assistance Service regularly checks the Work Rights status of all job seekers in the program.

Interviews and Resume tips

It is important that you prepare yourself well before going to a job interview. Refer to the websites below for suggestions on resume writing and interview skills.

Free clothing for interviews and work

If you don’t have appropriate clothing to wear for interviews and important appointments, Dress for Success (for women) and Dress for Work (for men) are charity organisations that may be able to assist you free of charge. Items of clothing available include jackets, shirts, skirts, trousers, ties and shoes.

You can be referred to these agencies by your Job Advisor. Further information is available here.

How to look for work

There are many places you can look for jobs in Australia.

Are you ready to look for work?

Before applying for work, all job seekers need to have a telephone number on which they can be regularly contacted, an email address, a copy of a recent resume or curriculum vitae, an Australian tax file number and an Australian bank account number. Our Job Advisors are able to help you obtain these documents.

Working for Cash

You should not seek or agree to take a job that pays cash. Cash-in-hand jobs are where the employer pays their worker in cash and does not pay tax. This type of work is illegal in Australia and may result in your work rights being taken away.

Job Seeker Testimonials

“When I came to Australia the Asylum Seekers Centre helped me with advice about work and to prepare to find a job. With the help of my Job Advisor I was able to get a good job which was a big help in starting life in Australia. I would like to thank the Centre for helping me through this time.”

Former client of ASC Employment Assistance Service now employed in same role for 18 months

“I got a job today. I really appreciate ASC efforts and contributions towards jobless asylum seekers. I am totally amazed by your work for me while I have been jobless. Thank you very much.”

ASC Employment Assistance Service client