How we’re responding to feedback on our recreation programs

August 16, 2022
Learn how the ASC is responding to our your feedback. A photo of two women chatting at the ASC office.
Head of Services and Engagement Kristine de Guzman speaks with a member of the Asylum Seekers Centre community.

At the start of 2022, we asked the valued members of the Asylum Seekers Centre community, for your thoughts on our activities and programs. More than 230 people gave feedback in an online survey and focus groups. Here’s how we’ve responded.

Increase in activities at the ASC

The top 5 most requested activities by the people we support were: 

  1. Community lunches
  2. Sports activities
  3. Free event tickets 
  4. English classes
  5. Excursions to museums and galleries

We were pleased to deliver all of these activities in the first half of 2022, as well as six others that were commonly requested: swimming, children’s activities, drama classes, music-making, women’s morning tea, and sewing classes. 

We aim to deliver another three activities that people asked for by December 2022. They are: walking tours of the city, bushwalks and cultural exchange through cooking. 

Improving communications

Most people (85%) said they prefer to hear about activities through SMS text messages, and we responded accordingly. Our new and improved What’s On page is updated weekly with new activities, training opportunities and important information. We are creating more channels for you to provide feedback to us, anytime, anywhere.

Do you have more feedback about the Asylum Seekers Centre’s activities?

We’d love to keep hearing your feedback. Don’t forget you can join us at Auburn for a hot lunch on Wednesdays and at Newtown for a hot lunch on Tuesday and Thursday.

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