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Our food program provides support and welcome

No one should go without food when they seek protection in Australia. The Asylum Seekers Centre food program provides people seeking asylum with emergency food support and welcome through sharing food. We can provide supermarket vouchers or cash to people when they have no other options to access food. Please contact us if you need help.

We also offer hot lunches three times a week at our centre locations at Newtown and Auburn. Meals are cooked with love by volunteer groups, and lunchtime is a great time to make friends and connect with the Asylum Seekers Centre community. If you’re already a member of the ASC, there’s no need to book – just drop in at the following times:

Lunchtime is a great way to connect and make friends with other people seeking asylum

“Before the lockdown, we were providing food through our foodbank or through food deliveries. We decided to pivot and look at providing supermarket vouchers to people seeking asylum in the community. We’ve found that this has actually given people a lot more dignity of choice, in terms of what they would like to eat. We’ve had really great feedback.”


ASC Community Participation Lead
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ASC’s food program

Get in touch if you need support with groceries and toiletries