Primary health clinic

Primary health clinic

If you are ineligible for Medicare and do not have any income, our health clinic can assist you with your general healthcare.

Our services include healthcare assessments, medical and oral health consultations, torture and trauma counselling, physiotherapy, referrals, education and advocacy. Many of these services are supplied pro-bono by our broad network of healthcare providers.

Clinics and referrals

Regular clinics are run in:

  • General practice medicine
  • Torture and trauma counselling
  • Oral health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optometry

We can also assist with referrals to external health care specialists which can be accessed at no cost:

  • Radiology
  • Children’s health


We can advocate for fee-waivers for specialist consultations and emergency treatment at public hospitals.


We provide:

  • General health information in your own language
  • Health literacy
  • Women’s health information


Any information you give to our health service team is confidential. This means that we will not pass on your personal information to any other person or organisation without your prior consent (unless we believe there is a serious risk to your safety or somebody else’s safety).

To make an appointment

To make an appointment, telephone the health clinic at the Asylum Seekers Centre on (02) 9078 1900, or send us an email.


For medical emergencies, go to the emergency department of your nearest public hospital, or call 000 for an ambulance if you cannot get there on your own.

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