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Regular givers

Thank you

Thank you for your committed and generous support that made it possible for the Asylum Seekers Centre to assist 3,855 people in the 2021-2022 year.

The year was challenging for people seeking asylum who were left out of Federal Government programs while living through long lockdowns in Sydney, many in areas which were most affected by restrictions.

Your support allowed us to continue to respond to those challenges and improve our services to create opportunities in a post-lockdown environment.

Read on to find out more about how our employment service is making an impact every day in supporting people seeking asylum to find work and independence.
Employment wins

"Nothing makes my day like hearing one of the people we support say 'I got the job.'"

— Jeff Milgate, ASC employment team leader

A man with a beard wearing a white shirt smiles as he talks to another person.

She helped me preparing me for the interviews, prepare for me how to talk, how to learn, how to receive, the way of approaching the people like that.


New employment model for a new year

At the beginning of 2022 employers were searching for people to work. Jobs were available and people seeking asylum were keen to work. But there are still barriers for some people seeking asylum to finding stable employment.

Your support of the ASC employment service allowed us to change our services to:

  • reduce waiting times
  • provide more people with quick-response support
  • improve our understanding of complex situations.

There are now two ways people can get support to find jobs and achieve their employment goals:

  • Employment Hub is a fast-moving, efficient, walk-in service to support people with their immediate needs for job-searching. There is no limit to the amount of times someone can visit the Hub.
  • A more intensive JobReady Service for people who need priority assistance, have more complex situations and are focused on 3-6 month goals for stable employment and post-placement support.

We asked the people we support how the employment service was helping them, and here’s what they reported:

  • 90% of participants were satisfied with the service they received
  • 83% of people felt more confident in all aspects of the job search after engaging with the Employment Service.

Find out how you can employ people seeking asylum or make connections to your organisation’s recruitment team.