Food for Friends

Sangee shares her Vegetable Kurma recipe October 08, 2021

Sangee wants to thank you, the Asylum Seekers Centre community, for supporting people seeking asylum with food by sharing her recipe for vegetable kurma.

Sangee’s father loved to cook, and he taught her to make his signature dishes, including this recipe for Vegetable Kurma.

“I started cooking at 13 years old, I tried to cook for my family when I was going to high school. Everything I learnt from my dad,” she said.

“Everyone can make this recipe,” she said.

Two hands holding a bowl of vegetable curry, with the words 'Food for friends'

Sangee came to the Asylum Seekers Centre a few years ago to access food and other support.

She has since found work, but when lockdown hit in June she was left with no income and three children to support.

She decided to set up Sangee’s Kitchen, a small business serving takeaway meals from her home.

“We’re starting small, but I have some repeat orders already,” she said.

“(Customers have said) the portions are generous and the taste is totally different and tasty.”

Two hands hold a bowl of vegetable curry

The Asylum Seekers Centre is providing hundreds of grocery vouchers every week to help people seeking asylum buying the food they like to eat, like this delicious vegetarian curry that Sangee makes for her family and her customers.

A hand holds a bowl of soup, the other hand is spooning yoghurt into the bowl






















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