Changes to services: do you need support from the ASC?

The ASC is still here to help you. To seek services or support, please call us on (02) 9078 1900. You cannot come to the ASC at the moment without an appointment.

People who live in Sydney are now affected by stay-at-home orders:

This means you can only leave home for essential shopping (or picking up food), work (if you can’t work at home), education, healthcare or to get social services.

To ensure that we all stay safe from this very contagious strain of Covid-19 the ASC will provide most services and support by phone.


Please check the NSW Health list of Covid-19 case locations and follow all the advice if you have been to one of these places. 

Masks must be worn at all times in indoor public areas, everywhere in Sydney. 

If you need help understanding the advice, please call us on 9078 1900.


For assistance and support please call us on 9078 1900 on Monday to Friday between 9-4pm.

Our friendly centre support volunteers will be available by calling the centre on 9078 1900. We can help with Opal cards, phone recharging and some other admin help too over the phone.


Community lunches will not be available during the Covid-19 lockdown period in Sydney.


Need help with your job search? Please call us on 9078 1900 to find out how we can help.


Please note that while Covid-19 health orders are in place, the ASC will not be home delivering food or have in-person food collection. You can still be supported if you need food and you will be contacted if you are already receiving food from us. If we don’t contact you, please call us on 9078 1900 to let us know you need help with food.


There are some changes to the way we run our classes and activities. Please speak with reception if you would like to know more.

  • Swimming: the pool is currently not available and so swimming is on hold.
  • Drama: Drama classes are on a short break and will start again on 19th July 2021. Classes run weekly at Auburn Centre for Community located at 44 Macquarie Road, Auburn. To find out about joining drama classes, phone (02) 9078 1900. 
  • English classes: ASC can help you access English classes. Please call reception on (02) 9078 1900 for more information. 
  • Items to help: ASC is currently able to offer laptops, mobile phones, tablet computers, blankets, school supplies and some newborn baby items. Please call us on 9078 1900 if you need these items.


An appointment is required to speak with our Health team if you need help with your prescriptions or if you need to see a doctor. Please call ASC on (02) 9078 1900.