Donate food and toiletries

Each month our foodbank distributes thousands of dollars worth of groceries to people seeking asylum. We welcome donations from individuals and organisations. Below is a list of the most sought-after items.Β 

Items must be unopened and in-date. Please note that due to limited storage space we are unable to accept donations of clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils, books or toys. If you’d like to donate that is not listed below please contact us first.

We can receive donations between 9am and 4pm, Mondays to Fridays. It’s best to avoid coming between 11.30am and 1pm, as this is the busiest time in the centre. If you plan on bringing a large delivery, please contact reception on (02) 9078 1900 first to prepare us.

This list is updated regularly – last update: 16/12/2019


Urgently needed:

Breakfast cereal (Cornflakes are popular!)

Canned beans (chickpeas, red kidney beans, mixed beans)

Long life milk (1 litre containers)

Always needed:

Coffee (instant)

Condiments (honey, jam)

Cooking oil (vegetable, 1 litre containers)

Dried fruit (apricots, prunes, dates)

Dried lentils (red or green)

Nuts (mixed, pistachios, cashews) and sunflower seeds

Noodles (instant)

Pasta sauce

Rice (Basmati is the most popular)



Spices (chilli, curry powder, turmeric etc)

Tea (black, green, or chamomile)

Tinned fish

Tinned fruit

Tinned vegetables (corn, tomatoes, mixed vegetables)

Tomato paste


Urgently needed:

Deodorant (for men & women)

Nappies (mainly toddler sizes for 8kg and upwards)

Razors (disposable)

Always needed:

Dishwashing liquid

Laundry powder


Sanitary pads

Shaving cream

Shower gel / body wash





Please consider that people have to carry the items home, so smaller sizes are best. However we can break down larger sacks of rice, lentils or spices if needed.

Thank you for your support!