Donate to the foodbank

Update, September 11: We are doing some small renovations on our centre this week to make it possible to increase our face-to-face connections safely!

If you’re planning to bring in food or toiletry donations, please hold onto them for a week while we transition our foodbank to a new location.

From Monday September 21, our foodbank will operate from Hut 9, Addison Rd Community Centre at 142 Addison Rd in Marrickville. Please visit us there for donation drop-offs!

Thank you for planning a donation to the Asylum Seekers Centre foodbank. We are working hard and smart to support people seeking asylum to get through this immediate health crisis.

Each month our foodbank distributes thousands of dollars worth of groceries to people seeking asylum living in the community. Most are donated by generous and thoughtful people like you!

Below is a list of what we use the most.

Items must be unopened and in-date. Please note that due to limited storage space we are unable to accept donations of clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils, books or toys. If you have any questions or want to donate something not listed, please contact us.

This list is updated regularly – last update: 18/08/2020


Urgently needed:

Coffee (instant)

Cooking oil (vegetable/canola 750ml or 1 litre containers)

Tinned diced tomatoes

Always needed:

Breakfast cereal (Cornflakes are popular!) up to 500g packs

Condiments (honey, jam)

Dried fruit (apricots, prunes, dates)

Dried lentils (red or green)

Long life milk (1 litre containers)

Noodles (instant)

Pasta (spaghetti, penne, spirals etc)

Pasta sauce

Rice (Basmati is the most popular)

Tea (black or green)

Tinned or instant soup

Tinned chickpeas and kidney beans

Tinned corn

Tinned fish

Spices (chilli, curry powder, turmeric etc), small packets or bottles

Tinned fruit


Urgently needed:

Deodorant (for men & women)


Sanitary pads (no tampons please)

Always needed:

Nappies (size 6 -for toddlers over 15kg in particular)


Shaving cream

Shower gel / body wash




Thank you for your support!