Laptop donation program

Read more about our program below, or click to donate your spare equipment to our Laptop Program.

Yes, I have equipment to donate

computers-web200“Recently as I was rushing around at the Centre, a young man asked in broken english for help with a printing problem. At first I was focused on the details of the printing job, and I asked the young man what the purpose of the print would be.
His answer shocked me and shifted my focus – there had been a massacre in his village back home. He explained that this was the second massacre in less than a year and he needed to provide evidence of why he could not return to the village. He produced a huge pile of documents from his backpack. So I sat with this young man for half an hour and explained various options for using printing, PDF files and emails.

He seemed almost ashamed to tell me he had no access to the internet or a computer at home, so emailing would not be an option. I put him in touch with our Social Support service so he could at least get a laptop.”

Patrick – System Administrator

Our clients need phones, computers and internet, for all the usual reasons and a few more:

  • To study, and to find work.
  • To deal with government agencies and organisations.
  • To Skype family overseas. (The federal government has banned family reunion for most people seeking asylum).
  • So we can contact them to provide essential support.

How do we meet these needs?

Our IT and Social Support services provide:

  • Laptops, tablets and phones donated as part of our Laptop Program.
  • Access at the Centre to computers and wi-fi.
  • Daily computer support sessions.

 What challenges do we face?

  • Securing donations of laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Dealing with network-locked phones and expensive plans.
  • Making sure clients have access to the internet.
  • Working with limited storage space.

What solutions do we have?

  • We distribute donated devices to clients according to need.
  • We prioritise laptops over desktops.
  • We refurbish devices for speed and reliability.
  • ACCAN runs workshops at the centre providing much needed advice about choosing phone and internet plans.
  • We wipe and format all the computers and install Linux, for reliability, robustness, speed, and security. Most of our staff and volunteer computers also run Linux.

What do we need?handing laptop to IT

  • Donations of working laptops, tablets and phones, from individuals and companies.
  • Skilled and dedicated IT volunteers.

If you can help us with laptops, phones or other IT equipment, please click here for further details.

We have a limited number of roles for skilled IT volunteers. If you’d like to apply for a role as an IT volunteer at Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown, please contact: hr@asylumseekerscentre.org.au