May 2022 newsletter: Election draws close, new ASC website

May 19, 2022

The election campaign is almost over and there has been very little compassion and understanding for refugees and people seeking asylum.

There’s been way too much talk about boats and not enough about the effect that bad policy has on people seeking safety from persecution.

But there is still time to make a difference in this campaign. Politicians and candidates are visiting local polling stations and are listening to the concerns of their electorate. Even if you have voted already, you can tell them you want fair policies for refugees. If they win, when legislation is before them in Parliament, it’s possible they will remember that conversation.

Though people seeking asylum cannot vote in Australia, the decisions being made every day in voting booths will affect them deeply. Your vote matters.

The Asylum Seekers Centre and many people who support and welcome refugees have called for fair policies that allow more people to find permanent homes, reunite with family and settle in a place of safety.

On Sunday 22 May, we will continue our advocacy, regardless of who forms the government.

We will work with people in our community and our colleagues to identify the issues that matter most and advocate, campaign and call for fair policies. And we know that you will be with us.

Thank you for your support.

Warm regards

Frances Rush OAM
Chief Executive Officer

See the new ASC website

Our new website provides more of what our community wants:

  • More stories and photos from the centre
  • Translations in our most popular community languages
  • A what’s on page with weekly update for the people we support
  • Information on the impact of the ASC
  • More ways for supporters to be involved.

We’d love you to take a look around and let us know at how we can build on this great resource.

Andrew’s story: Finding work, friends and a future

When Andrew first arrived in Australia, through his confidence and resourcefulness he found a job while he was riding on the train.

But when the contracts, without unemployment benefits, Andrew needed support. Find out how the Asylum Seekers Centre, a volunteer and a great workplace helped him thrive.

Your donation helps rebuild a life

People seeking asylum know what it is like to have their lives change overnight. When they seek protection in a new country they leave behind their work, community, schools, friends and family. While their request for protection is considered by the government, often taking years, they receive no support or safety net from the Federal Government.

Finding a job is the only way forward and the Asylum Seekers Centre is here to help.

Read more about Sabala who sought safety in Australia and how your donation can help us support her and others in her community to find work and rebuild their lives.

Celebrating volunteers

This #NationalVolunteerWeek we celebrate the 300+ ASC volunteers who work tirelessly & with open hearts to provide practical support to people seeking asylum in Sydney.

Last year volunteers brought more than one million dollars worth of value to our team, as well as their creativity, energy and skills.

“People seeking asylum say our centre is a place where they find a sense of belonging. Our volunteers are essential in making them feel at home by listening and offering a warm smile” – volunteer manager Oscar Mussons.

Find out more about how you can volunteer

Andrew’s story: finding work, friends and a future It’s time for us to start rebuilding, post-Federal Election