Mummies Paying it Forward

28 May, 2015


In an era when so many people’s main priority tends to be looking after their own interests, there are others in society that see beyond just the satisfaction of their own needs.  Fatma Elzein is one of those special people and one of the biggest contributors of food for our clients.  

Born through social media, ‘Mummies Paying It Forward’ seeks to bring some real world solutions to those who need it the most.  Group member, Fatma Elzein, took to Facebook to rally like minded people and quickly amassed over 3,500 followers and thousands of dollars worth of food and material aid, making her one of our biggest contributors of food products.  Many of our clients have benefitted from her generosity.  With little thought for her own comfort, Fatma turned her house into a defacto warehouse, storing huge sacks of rice, lentils and spices in her bedrooms before delivering them to us.  A recent donation amounted to nearly 120 kg of rice and lentils along with large quantities of tinned tuna, condensed milk, honey, tin tomatoes and toiletries.  On behalf of our clients, thank you Fatma and Mummies Paying it Forward for your incredible generosity.