Our regular giving community

Monthly donors provide reliable and committed support. March 29, 2022

Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, a regular ASC donor

“I think often people seeking asylum are so vilified by the media..and to have the Asylum Seekers Centre… they are the antidote of that. They provide love and more for the people that come through their doors, everybody feels welcome. And that is a really important thing.

Regular donors are people that provide that regular income. It’s the foundation of support that allows people to actually do the amazing work that the Asylum Seekers Centre does.

We all spend money on things that disappear quite quickly, a beer, a coffee, a bottle of wine, or a takeaway meal. Whereas if you’re spending the equivalent of that by donating to the Asylum Seekers Centre, you’re changing lives.

I would say to people who have given a one-off donation, why did you give that donation? Was it because you’re really impressed with the work the Asylum Seekers Centre does, and if you were, why don’t you make that donation regular? Because you will have a long lasting impact.”

“You become a member of a community that cares.”

Tanya Jackson-Vaughan,
Regular donor since March 2020

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