March 2022 newsletter: 3 important questions to ask your local candidates

March 03, 2022

You have the opportunity to take powerful action. With a federal election imminent and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, your voice can strongly support action for refugees and people seeking asylum.

We need big changes in how Australia treats refugees here and overseas. Please join us in raising our voices at this important time when our local candidates are listening to our concerns.

We believe the following three issues must be urgently addressed:

1. An immediate expansion of our annual refugee humanitarian visa intake, so that we can generously respond to crises – in the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar and other countries. Currently our intake numbers are the lowest in 45 years.

2. An end to arbitrary detention onshore and offshore for refugees, with permanent homes for those still in limbo onshore. It is beyond shameful that people who have sought safety in Australia have been detained, many for up to ten years, and yet there is still no plan for a permanent home.

3. A fair and just process for people seeking asylum living in our community. This means the re-introduction of income support, continual access to Medicare and a reasonable timeframe for claims for protection to be processed. Many of the people we support have been waiting for more five years without an outcome, with many living in destitution suffering poor physical and mental health.

As you consider who you will vote for at the coming election, ask your local candidate for their position on these important issues. Let them know you are part of a community of people who want fair policies for refugees and people seeking asylum, and an end to the cruel detention of people for years with no plans for resettlement.

We know you want to be part of an Australian community that is compassionate, fair and supportive of human rights. The thousands of people seeking asylum supported by the ASC are not able to vote at the upcoming election. You can be their powerful ally.

We will keep you updated on actions you can take and resources all through this election campaign. Thank you for your continuing support for people seeking asylum.

Warm regards,

Frances Rush OAM
Chief Executive Officer

Families head back to school

Families in Sydney are excited to head back to school for the 2022 year, with support from the Asylum Seekers Centre.

Family engagement coordinator, Antoinette Uwera, has been working alongside families who have extra challenges at back-to-school time. Enrolment, fees, uniforms and supplies can all become barriers that make it hard for families seeking asylum to have a positive start to the new year.

Host a speaker at your school or work

If you’re looking to improve your understanding of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia, our community speakers program can help.

The program has been developed in response to ongoing community organisation, school and group requests to learn more about how they can become involved and provide support. We welcome requests for speakers from all parts of the community and for all ages.


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