People seeking asylum are days from destitution

29 May, 2020

Single mother Nadia lost her cafe job

Nadia is a single mother with three teenagers. Nadia lost her job as a chef’s assistant. She is behind on rent. Nadia can’t imagine a way out. “I just want to protect my children so they don’t have to worry. Sometimes we go to bed so we don’t have to feel hungry.”

People seeking asylum have been excluded from government payments such as JobSeeker and JobKeeper. Without a safety net, they face homelessness and destitution. Your donation helps the Asylum Seekers Centre provide food, toiletries, emergency accommodation and healthcare to vulnerable people.

University student Alan lost his jobs

Alan is a full-time university student whose new job is looking for work every day. “I felt lucky to have three part-time jobs. Now I have no work. My mum is sick and I was the only one earning.”

Tariq’s worry for his family

This letter was sent to us by Tariq, a person who is supported by the Asylum Seekers Centre. As Tariq found work and became independent he also became a donor. He wanted to give so that others could be supported. 

“As an asylum seeker, I have to abide by the Australian law and follow the lifestyle. Since I came to Australia, I work lawfully, pay tax, drive gently, go to the pub on Fridays after work, positively participate in volunteering activities, help fellow Australians in need as much as I can, and share the load of the hard times too! 

Now I stay home to protect the Australian community, I changed my lifestyle to respond to the pandemic, and my humble plan to study to get my medical qualifications recognised here is adversely affected, like (the) ambitions and plans of any Australian in this nation. In addition, I will be punished immediately if I breached any of the current restrictive regulations.

However, Mr Morrison’s government didn’t care to provide any support to people like myself yet. I have an Australian wife and Australian child to look after and we are negatively impacted by the current situation, as any person (who) lives in this country. Sadly, our suffering is more heavy and more bitter because I am an asylum seeker.

In 2016, I sent a thanking letter to the Prime Minister of Australia for I experienced the safety  and the fairness in Australia. Regrettably, now I just feel the bitterness of discrimination after each announcement on economical support package!

I wish Mr Morrison’s government would consider supporting asylum seekers and others who live in the same limbo in Australia, for the enemy we face doesn’t care about citizenship status and indiscriminately spreads between all humankind.

With kind regards,