“I didn’t know where to sleep and I didn’t have enough money”

1 Dec, 2020

Stable housing helped Rachel connect with the community and a find a job

Rachel fled her home country with her four children. She arrived in Sydney with a few belongings, no connections and no place to stay. The Asylum Seekers Centre supported Rachel and her children with two weeks of emergency accommodation and connected her with ASC support services. 

A home for a few months in ASC temporary supported accommodation allowed the family to take stock. Rachel and her children made friends with other residents. They helped each other. “We became good friends….she used to learn me how to make CVs and use computers.”

The family made friends at their new school, through sport, and the local Church. Rachel concentrated on improving her English and finding a job. “I want to improve … I keep on reading books and learning.”

Rachel invited a friend from Providence House to move out with her family into a three bedroom house. This shared accommodation allowed them to transition to more stable housing, together. “She stayed with me for five months. We were happy together.”

With the help of a friend, Rachel found a job and is working full time in a textile business. “I’m really safe here, and I sleep peacefully here.”