Statement from the Asylum Seekers Centre on the conflict in Israel and Palestine

November 29, 2023

Asylum Seekers Centre

The Asylum Seekers Centre strongly condemns all forms of anti-semitism, anti-Palestinian racism, and Islamophobia. We join in calling on the Australian government and the public to do the same.

As the first organisation established in Australia to support people seeking asylum, we have seen firsthand the impacts of violence such as the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine. We have worked tirelessly for 30 years to create, maintain, and enhance community safety and cohesion as being instrumental to this country’s ability to welcome and support people seeking asylum.

We back the call from the Refugee Council of Australia for the Australian government to work with international partners to ensure:

– Quick, safe return of the remaining hostages;
– Protection of civilians on all sides;
– Humanitarian access, including a humanitarian pause;
– A ceasefire to end rapidly escalating conflict, and
– Renewed efforts towards a long-term diplomatic solution.

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