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November 2022 newsletter: Find out Australians’ views on poverty and people seeking asylum

December 01, 2022

Last month I wrote to you asking you to share your views about the way the Government can support people… More

Australians demand more financial support for asylum seekers this Anti-Poverty Week

November 25, 2022

For Anti-Poverty Week, we asked for your views on income support for people seeking asylum. The responses demonstrated an overwhelming… More

Bring families joy with access to the life support they need

November 13, 2022

“Finding people who are not from your community, who are not even from your culture…and they are ready to help…. More

October 2022 newsletter: what you should know about Anti-Poverty Week

October 17, 2022

92% of Australians agree that, “In Australia, no one should go without basic essentials like food, healthcare, transport and power.”*… More

Job Fair: a room full of open doors

October 14, 2022

More than 100 people seeking asylum went shopping for jobs and training opportunities this week at a Job Fair in… More

August 2022 newsletter: Action for Afghanistan + House of hope for people seeking asylum

August 26, 2022

Last week was the one year anniversary of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in Afghanistan. We marked the… More

Learn about Providence House: A house of hope for people seeking asylum

August 25, 2022

Providence House, a four-unit apartment block in the inner west of Sydney, has been a home for more than one… More

How we’re responding to feedback on our recreation programs

August 16, 2022

At the start of 2022, we asked the valued members of the Asylum Seekers Centre community, for your thoughts on… More

July 2022 newsletter: Find out about Family days + Action on reconciliation

July 21, 2022

Two minutes inside the ASC Many new supporters have joined us recently, so we wanted to share this new short… More