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Without government income support, many people who are seeking asylum in Australia experience crisis situations and unstable housing situations. The ASC provides casework and direct advocacy to help people seeking asylum in Greater Sydney access specialised support services, including legal aid, financial assistance, accommodation, and family and domestic violence support.

Our Intensive Support team may be able to help you through:

  • Provision of complex casework to assist people in crisis or with multiple vulnerabilities.
  • Access to support services related to healthcare, mental health, legal aid, and more.
  • Connecting you to financial assistance, which may include short-term emergency support.
  • Linking you to emergency accommodation services.
  • Advocating for you or your family when dealing with other organisations.

Please contact us if you need critical emergency support.

When you come here, you have nothing. Now, I feel stronger. [The ASC] made me strong and gave me a lot of confidence. Otherwise, I was very weak at that time. I didn’t understand where I was going at that time… Now I am very safe, very relaxed, I put on weight, I’m secure.


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